Actually Learning in School

It only took me 13 years of schooling (grades K through 12th) to start to admit to learning something. I am actually learning in college. I know you’re thinking I must be crazy or insanely smart and while both might be true, neither apply in this case. 

For me, learning is when I am challenged; when I am brought into the light after not realizing I’ve been in the dark. Learning is discovering something you never knew you didn’t know. 

My courses are doing that for me. I am appreciating the dead people! This is how I refer to anyone we’ve ever been forced to read or learn about who has been dead longer than anyone I know has been alive. (I had an aunt to live to be 109). 

I both dread and excitedly await my classes now. I hate to have to be there, mostly because I have ungodly breaks between my classes, and I love to be there because I learn so much! 



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