Missed me?

I know I haven’t written in a while. I’m sorry 😦

I have, however, been putting some thought in what I should write about. (I can’t decide). There is just too much going on in my life and I always have really good ideas, but before I get back to my computer and sit down to type a million other thoughts have passed through my mind and I don’t know what to write about anymore.

I think that my Psychology 225 (Theories of Personalities) professor has something going with this whole journal-ing thing she’s having us do for the semester. I will admit that I don’t journal everyday, like we’re supposed to, but I do go back and write about every day. I am forced to think about days past.

I have often wondered what she hopes to ascertain from our journals, which she plans to read… Maybe figure out who we are. Or maybe comment on thy way we journal, tell us what it says about us as individuals. Can you do that?




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