College AKA Money Guzzler

I know that I am not the only one who thinks that college is way to expensive! I mean think about it.

They preach to us, “Go to school or you’ll never get a good job,” “Go to college or you’ll be a failure; you’ll be stuck in some low end job living pay check to pay check.” BUT! They don’t make it easy.

Go ahead, give me the line. I know real life isn’t easy, but should they really be making it so difficult to have a decent “real life.” If you ask me, we are creating a cruel circle that can be more than difficult to get out of. Imagine this:

I’m born to a lower class family and go to a lower class school. Poor learning and teaching lead to less than great grades, which means no outside help for college. Mom and Dad can’t afford to send me to college out of pocket, so I get stuck flipping burgers with little to no motivation to change the course of my future. Five blocks away you’re born into a upper-middle class family and go do a decent school. Mom and Dad have good jobs and can afford to put up the difference for school that isn’t taken care of with grants and scholarships. You get a great job and move on up in life.

Why is this fair? Why aren’t we doing EVERYTHING in our power to change this? I’m starting to think “equal” has changed definitions with “favoritism.”



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