I, too, Sing Death

I am the cloaked reaper.
The try to deny me my right
When their time comes,
Them I take,
Some in peace,
Some in chaos.

I’ll take another
When their time comes.
But they won’t
Dare say,
“Don’t take me today.”

They’ll know I’m not an enemy
And come to me —

I, too, am death.


Just Needed to Say…

I should be doing homework right now, but I just have something I need to say.

Relationships aren’t for other people. They are for yourself and your partner. The only people that matter are the two of you. Your hopes and dreams for the future can not be clouded by the opinions of others. 

You can not allow what other people have to say about your relationship define what you do. The love within a relationship is dependent upon those two people who are a part of that partnership, not any other source or force.

Love is not finding someone you can live with; it is finding that person you can’t live without. The person that you’ll stand strong for in the middle of the biggest storms. That person who you will laugh, cry, and make memories with for the rest of your life. 

I might be young, but age does not mean anything when it comes to knowing love. I know love. I have love. I will fight and defend my for love. 

Experimental Hair

Every hair dresser I’ve ever been to has told me how horrible my hair is and then they list a million and one products I should use to fix it.

I spent two summers working on the beach in the sand and the salty air and it did a number on my hair. I also like to die my hair…often.

I like to experiment with my hair color. I’m naturally brunette, but I’ve been blonde and all shades of red.

As of current I have brown, black, and a dark red in my hair. I like it.

My hair, as well as my skin, is my way to express myself. I am a canvas for my own creation.

Actually Learning in School

It only took me 13 years of schooling (grades K through 12th) to start to admit to learning something. I am actually learning in college. I know you’re thinking I must be crazy or insanely smart and while both might be true, neither apply in this case. 

For me, learning is when I am challenged; when I am brought into the light after not realizing I’ve been in the dark. Learning is discovering something you never knew you didn’t know. 

My courses are doing that for me. I am appreciating the dead people! This is how I refer to anyone we’ve ever been forced to read or learn about who has been dead longer than anyone I know has been alive. (I had an aunt to live to be 109). 

I both dread and excitedly await my classes now. I hate to have to be there, mostly because I have ungodly breaks between my classes, and I love to be there because I learn so much! 


Missed me?

I know I haven’t written in a while. I’m sorry 😦

I have, however, been putting some thought in what I should write about. (I can’t decide). There is just too much going on in my life and I always have really good ideas, but before I get back to my computer and sit down to type a million other thoughts have passed through my mind and I don’t know what to write about anymore.

I think that my Psychology 225 (Theories of Personalities) professor has something going with this whole journal-ing thing she’s having us do for the semester. I will admit that I don’t journal everyday, like we’re supposed to, but I do go back and write about every day. I am forced to think about days past.

I have often wondered what she hopes to ascertain from our journals, which she plans to read… Maybe figure out who we are. Or maybe comment on thy way we journal, tell us what it says about us as individuals. Can you do that?



Excuse me?

Click here to read the article.

So, I would first like to say that this is ridiculous. 

If I ever birth a child it will be MYSELF and/or MY HUSBANDS decision what to name him or her, not a judge or any other government official.

I personally believe that this lady was way out of line. She was there to rule on the child’s last name and took it upon herself to inflict her religious opinions on another family.

I hope that the family has the courage to appeal this and wins. I don’t understand how this is constitutionally correct.


College AKA Money Guzzler

I know that I am not the only one who thinks that college is way to expensive! I mean think about it.

They preach to us, “Go to school or you’ll never get a good job,” “Go to college or you’ll be a failure; you’ll be stuck in some low end job living pay check to pay check.” BUT! They don’t make it easy.

Go ahead, give me the line. I know real life isn’t easy, but should they really be making it so difficult to have a decent “real life.” If you ask me, we are creating a cruel circle that can be more than difficult to get out of. Imagine this:

I’m born to a lower class family and go to a lower class school. Poor learning and teaching lead to less than great grades, which means no outside help for college. Mom and Dad can’t afford to send me to college out of pocket, so I get stuck flipping burgers with little to no motivation to change the course of my future. Five blocks away you’re born into a upper-middle class family and go do a decent school. Mom and Dad have good jobs and can afford to put up the difference for school that isn’t taken care of with grants and scholarships. You get a great job and move on up in life.

Why is this fair? Why aren’t we doing EVERYTHING in our power to change this? I’m starting to think “equal” has changed definitions with “favoritism.”